Lehnis Gate: Shooter now available in the Xbox Game Pass

Frontier Foundry, the publishing label of Frontier Developments PLC, and RATLOOP Games Canada announces the release of the lap-based strategy shooter Lehnis Gate. Lehnis Gate, which is now available for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, is an innovative, challenging and completely new kind of strategy-first-person shooter.

Players on PC and consoles can now acquire Lehnis Gate from today in the digital store of their choice for € 16.79 (RRP). In addition, Xbox Game pass subscribers can now download and play as part of their subscription, both on the Xbox and on the PC.

Lehnis Gate awakens the genre of the strategy shooter to new life and challenges the players to crosslinked thinking, while they take control of one of seven unique operators per round. Each operator has its own special skills that can change the course of battle and contribute to victory with forward-looking planning and skillful execution.

The rules are simple: the players choose an operator and make their train. This can be eliminating an opponent, the protection of a teammate or the destruction of a target. Each match takes place in a 25-second time loop, so that the players with each new round not only have to be a step ahead of their own trains in the past and present, but also those of the opponent as they try him in five rounds To overlain.

Players also have the opportunity to customize their operations by unlocking a number of cosmetic rewards through their progress. From Waffenskins and Operator Suits to emblems and emotes, there are numerous opportunities to give each operator with their own appearance.

The innovative concept of Lehnis Gate can be experienced in four action-packed modes, including Seek and Destroy, Domination, Retrieve XM and Deathmatch, which spread over twelve different cards.

There are also a variety of game possibilities, both online and offline. The players can get separated from each other with round-based rules in the time loop or compete against each other together in a round in 1V1 and 2V2 games. For the local gameplay there is also a pass-the-controller option that allows players to develop strategies together with other players.

Players with a competitive wire can compete in the ranking game against equivalent opponents to get into the ranking and get a place in the leaderboard. In the games without ranking, players can improve their tactical thinking and their game control in friendlies.

Lehnis Gate is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as Xbox Game Pass.


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